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Wanderings: Celebrating roadtrips and crisp spring scents on the Eastern Shore

Hitting the road, finding inspiration. One of our favorite pastimes is to get in the car with a vague destination in mind, and just go. On the Eastern Shore, there are seemingly endless shorelines, green field vistas, and historic corners always waiting for us to discover.   

Lone oak tree on a meadow, candle scents of the eastern shore, inspiration for scented candles, Maryland

We’ve done this for years. It’s how we fell in love with the Eastern Shore. And it’s the story behind one of our favorite scents – A Sunday Drive.

On a warm spring day, we head out to nowhere and wind through the tree-lined country roads with the windows down. Sweeping views appear around the next turn. Our senses come alive as the breeze envelops us with scents of nature all around – roadside daffodils, wild honeysuckle, or the unmistaken scent of salt air and marsh grass. Our favorite blue heron is close by.

Treelined road, eastern shore scented candles, a sunday drive around delmarva

Other things spark the imagination too. Driving past an old, gated driveway, we wonder: Who lives there? And who lived there 100 years ago? 

Eventually, we find ourselves at the water’s edge – whether it be a creek, river, or the beloved Chesapeake Bay. Stopping the car, we turn off the engine and listen. And just breathe. Fresh salt air, flora and fauna, are all around us.

Finding scent and story inspiration is not hard when you are surrounded by the land of peaceful waters. 

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