Brunch at Perry Inn Cabin, Eastern Shore scent inspiration, saint michaels motive, scented candle inspiration, scenery and smells of the eastern shore

I Wish Brunch Could Last Forever: A candle scent inspired by celebration and life on the Eastern Shore

I Wish Brunch Could Last Forever. Don’t you? It’s decadent, exciting, and full of celebration. Even if it is just the two of you, which it rarely is! Few places on the Eastern Shore rival Brunch at The Inn at Perry Cabin. It’s more than just about the food and mimosas. If you’re lucky enough to show up on a bright sunny day, the blue sky over the Miles River seems endless. The soft breeze lulls you into some sort of wakeful slumber of full relaxation and satisfaction. The connection to the Eastern Shore is a bit different here. I like to remind myself that this was once a beautiful home. I take a moment and withdraw myself from the bustle and conversation. Sometimes I’ll hear the Eastern Shore calling and walk to the water’s edge. This land, this water, does not want to be ignored. It stands as a testament to the resiliency of place, shared lifetimes over millennia, giving its treasures to us with the understanding that we will not take her for granted. And as I turn to walk back and join the festivities, I think about all the families and friends that have come before me, enjoying life and the love of one another. There is a grandness in remembering this, that we are meant to share & love & celebrate. This is when I wish brunch could last forever.

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